What is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil?

Found in the hemp plant as a non-psychoactive cannabinoids, Cannabidiol is very popular in the medical communities today! CBD, Cannabidol, binds to receptors in the immune system, supplying the body with many medicinal benefits which was originially patented by the US governement in 2003 for "neuroprotectant" and "anitoxidant"

What are the effects from CBD?

The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using a process that holds CO2 at a low temp, high pressure; in result, CO2 is captured in the liquid state and draws the CBD and terpenes from the hemp plant. This is the process of CBD Oil!

Cannabidiol has ability to interact with CB1 & CB2 receptors in the human's endocannabinoid system which regulates homeostasis. CBD is know for its ability to improve physiological actions like sleep, mood, memory, pain, immunity, cardiovascular function and the inflammatory response to injury. The effects we get from CBD are all medicinal in nature and being recognized by many as highly beneficial for humans.

Does CBD purity matter?

Currently, there is no formal FDA approval or pharmaceutical regulation on CBD oils. With that being said, many of the manufactures of CBD Oil are using poor quality cannabidiol ingredients, and adding additives that are deemed unnecessary as they all sacrfice the quality and theraputic capabilities and benefits of the product. It is very important to make sure you are using a CBD product of the highest purity, like One Stop supplies to all our clients!

Are there side effects to CBD Oil?

At this time, there are no known negative side effects of CBD oil! This medicinal extraction is well tolerated among most patients with a large ranges of medical conditions. If someone experiences "side effects" most likely it is from the impurities in their oil from unsatisfactory manufacturing processes. All of these issues and concerns can be avoided when purchasing a high quality CBD Oil from a trusted distributor like One Stop!

Is this CBD Oil legal?

In the United States of America, the manufacturing of CBD from hemp is completely legal! Hemp farmers grow in strict accordance with the US FARM BILL, and is safe from scrutiny from DEA! CBD is not "marijuana" or "thc" which are both considered illegal still in many states. America hemp farmers love hemp and produce products like hemp CBD oil, hemp CBD isolate, hemp CBD edibles, and other hemp cbd products which are protected from the federal government and DEA.

What are these "terpenes"?

Terpenes are the organic, aromatic resin produced by the hemp plant that is responsible for its fragrances, flavors, and colors. There are hundreds of different terpenes within the hemp plant which are responsible for protecting the plant against any natural predators and helps attract those pollinators.

These organic resins can be found in many living organisms such as fruits, herbs, and plants to serve similar protecting services. When the terpenes are dried out, a commonly interchangeable term is terpenoids.

Why are these Terpenes important?

Terpenes, like other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, offer medicinal value when properly extracted from the hemp plant. These properties are thought to include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Studies show terpenes bind to cannabinoid receptors  in the brain and can work to elevate stress, improve mood and increase ability to focus.
THC is illegal. CBD is legal. CBD & THC are the two main cannabinoids that are found inside the cannabis plant. The major difference between these two cannabinoids is THC gets you "high" psychoactive feeling people think about when smoking marijuana; CBD does not carry these same properties. THC is a CB1 recpetor agonist which is the reason for psychoactivity after the CB1 receptors binds in the brain mimicking the natural anandamide, or the bliss cannabinoid. Anandamide is showed to increase appetitie, aka "munchies", and improve mood function but hinders factors like memory and motivation, aka "stoned" CBD does not bind with CB1 receptors and is considered to be a CB1 antagonist, meaning its actually working to suppress the exact effects of THC...
Nope, CBD will not ever get you "high" CBD is known to work against the psychoactive effects of THC THC is responsible for the "high" feeling and can be addictive CBD oil is non-addictive and you do not need to fear overdose or legal issues
When a marijuan drug test is performed, the urine samples collected are tested for THC. If you purchase your products with One Stop, your products will only contain CBD, so you would NOT FAIL a drug test for marijuana while using our CBD. Even with trace amounts of THC found in competitor's CBD oil, its most likely not going to trigger a positive drug test for marijuana. The drug test threshold for THC in urine is around 50ng/ml.
CBD oil is measured in strength as milligrams (MG). Our research suggests consuming 5-10mg per day is a good intake of CBD to keep your CBD receptors activated. If you are suffering from a more serious disease, illness, or recovery, you might be more apt to try 20-40mg per day. We are here to work with your healthcare provider to establish the best dose for you!
CBD is measured by the TOTAL MG of CBD divided by the volume of content in each bottle, or unit. For example: 350MG, 15 ML CBD OIL 350MG/ 15ML = Estimated ratio of "23.3 MG PER 1 ML of CBD OIL" (2.3%)
The potency of the CBD oil is what dictates how much time it takes to become effective, these times may vary. Most of our patients and doctors claim anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes for the CBD oil to take effect in the body. Since CBD is not used for psychoactive properties, it might be harder to notice the exact length of time before the system feels a change, unless your symptoms are pain, then relief can be calculated in minutes and mg!

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